by Kelsey James

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This album is dedicated to Megan James & Thembi Soddell... always there somewhere, especially when I forget. To Mosely Wonder James, the youngest person I know, and most definitely the cutest. And to Grandma, the oldest person I know, and most definitely the strongest.


released June 6, 2012

Steve Grant recorded rhythm section and all keyboards.
Jay Tettamanti recorded everything else (
All vocals, keyboards & songs by Kelsey James.
Drums by Tim Coghill.
Bass played by Ryan Monro.
All horns except for trombone Eamon McNelis.
Trombone is Kynan Robinson.
Clarinet Samuel Dunscombe & his lacy gloves.
Flutes & whistles by Corrin Strating.
Arrangements by Kelsey James & Eamon McNelis.
Artwork by Rick Mereki (
Mixed & mastered by Casey Rice



all rights reserved


Kelsey James Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: The Emperor
If I ever see you
Again, I'll thank you for all you did
One night was all it took
To melt a year's worth of bravado
To still a song's worth of vibrado

Those arms
Squeezing it away
Those eyes
They could save a man
And you'll never know what you gave
A dream of all that I left behind
A song... a bridge between the hard and soft

All that I know is that I can be here for you
If you just ask, I will carry you through
All that you want me to be
I will be to you

I know that sounds dangerous, but I trust you
I never knew something could last like this
Over the years, over the mountains
But mainly joy
Track Name: Out of Nowhere
Out of nowhere
Out of nowhere
You came along
I don't know where you've been hiding
I've been waiting
O so very long

Out of nowhere
Came that hand
And a mouth that followed
Won't you take me back to that place
Where they never told me I could go

I won't cry and I
Won't complain if it
Only happens
Every now and again
Cause when it does
It does me good
Enough to satisfy the hood.
Track Name: Say The Same (Just Smile)
I never said that I was perfect
I only gave you all I could
I never asked you to be perfect
You give far less than you should
Most of the time I'm in a good mood
Every now and then I just need some space
Anyone would think I cut off our dick
With that look you've got there on your face

So please don't ask for anything more
I give it all there's nothing I'm hiding
I'm so grateful just to know you
Please say the same 'bout me
Just say the same 'bout me
And smile

Every day my shoulders squeeze with
The desire to please all who I love
You only just said I was selfish
Cause today I just wanna be by myself
What makes you think you're so above me
When I was on top that whole time?
You didn't even go down on me
And I didin't even really mind

So please don't ask for anything more
I give it all there's nothing I'm hiding
I'm so grateful just to know you
Please say the same 'bout me
Just say the same 'bout me
Track Name: Fanny Wharts
You'll never pull me down no matter how
Hard you try I'll bounce right back
Your way's so small
I wonder how
You manage to laugh or love at all

You'll say that I lie
Or just high
But I was born to dance and sing
Stand in my way
You'll find yourself
Sweet rose in mouth, a crazy tango

I know that it's hard when you
See all that lies around us
It can make the strongest heart collapse
But if you would just listen to
Soft voices of small beauties you'd
Find a way to move

She outlived two world wars and
Husbands but she can still say
Over cups of tea with a grin:
"The only thing I regret is
That I can't live my life over
Exactly the same again"
Track Name: In A While
In a while
We'll be gone
So what's the point
Of holding on?
In a blink
Of an eye
Lies the key
To leading life

So go on blink
Open your eyes
I know you'll see
How much has changed
So go on smile and see how I
With just one word
Can rearrange

So go on cry
Just let it fall
Soon you'll forget they existed at all
So go on burn
Drown in the flames
Your new house
Is just miles away

In a while
We'll be gone
So what's the point
Of holding on?
What's the point?
Just let it go......
Track Name: I've Had It
Had it had it I've had it.....

One day I'll lie near a tree
Spread out for all to see
A sign on my chest that says
"Here lies the greatest girl of all"

One day I'll strip on a beach
Sit there 'til I'm 83
And just let the tide make me come
And come and come incessantly

Had it had it I've had it...

One day I'll dance at a show
Twirl around and see
Everybody's dancing with me

One day I'll meet a boy
Full of life just like me
Best thing is he'll do these things with me

Had it had it I've had it....
Track Name: Anyone's Day
We walked
Underneath the rainy street lights
You said that you thought it'd be alright
If I took your hand in mine and that
Was it I could not stop my heart from jumping into everything between us

The Sound
Of Music is an okay film but
She leaves out all of my favourite parts
You know when she sings "Dog bites, bees sting"
She forgets to mention your sweet face and soft body and warm clothes and array of smiles.

I woke up
With you lying beside me smiling
It's enough
To make anyone's day sunshiny

I love
The way that your nose spreads across your
Whole face have you ever noticed that
Your sideburns reach all the way down to
Your teeth and your voice cracks every time you repeat anything you have found funny?

Doo doo doo doo..

I want
To curl up inside your dimples
I think they could do for me what a womb does for a foetus and forests do for trees

I woke up
With you lying beside me smiling
It's enough
To make anyone's day sunshiny
I wanted to hold you forever
It is enough to make the darkness bright
Track Name: Letters From Tarrengower
If words were leaves they would cover
Every street outside my prison
But for now all I can whisper
Sounds like this


If this pen worked I would write you
How sorry I am for what I've done
But for now all I can write you
Sounds like this


There is nothing that's beautiful
If you haven't chosen it